simple mehndi ka design

Simple Mehndi Ka Design New For Girls 2021

simple mehndi ka designNo matter what is the occasion but simple mehndi ka design always remains on the top of women’s fashion list. The trend of applying mehndi on the hands and other parts of body is very common in east and middle east countries. For professionals it is too easy to apply trendy and stylish patterns of mehndi but it is much difficult for the beginners. The girls who have no experience about applying mehndi designs on their body they might go with simple mehndi designs.

With the start of every occasion and festival, everyone is looking for the new and easy mehndi k design. For this purpose they look much busy in searching of latest and trending designs to apply on their hands and feet. There are so many designs from the modern to hottest styles on the internet but every pattern is not perfect for you.

Simple Mehndi New Design

This article is special for those girls who don’t know how to apply mehndi lagany ka design on their hands and feet. All the designs we have listed here for you are looking good and with simple styles. You can apply these designs without facing any kind of difficulty and in very short time.

Finger Mehndi Ka Design

simple mehndi ka design

This simple mehndi design is only for the fingers of the hands. You can apply same pattern on the fingers of your left and right hands very easily. It is also looking to beautiful and decent.

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Simple Flower Mehndi Design

simple mehndi ka design

This is another simple mehndi ka design with flower pattern for hands. The design is too simple but it looks pretty and unique. The main thing that is keep in mind while applying this design is that the lines and curves should be perfect and clean to get a pretty look.

Easy Jewellery Design

simple mehndi ka design

Most of the girls like to decorate their hands with jewellry patterns mehndi designs. The design listed in the image is also designed with hand jewellery styles for you. This simple design is perfect specially for those girls who have long fingers, they can get a gorgeous look to their fingers by applying this.

Simple Leafy Design

simple mehndi ka design

It is very very simple design to get on your hands. You can apply this design in very short time. The design is looking very simple but it also awesome. It will make your hands appear chic and cool.

Back Hand Simple Design

simple mehndi ka design

This design is easy to make it on the back side of your hands. You can increase the beauty of your hand’s back side with the help of this design.


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Simple Tikki Mehndi Design

simple mehndi ka design

It is tikki mehndi design for the back side of your hand. Round tikki in the middle side of back hand and a touch of leaves and dots of corner of the back hand fingers which make it trendy and cool.

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