The most popular long-haired wedding hairstyles in 2022

On the never-ending wedding to-do list, getting the perfect bridal hairdo for the big day may be the last thing on your mind. Wedding hairstyles, on the other hand, are just as essential to us as wedding bands, gowns, and venues. Because your appearance is so crucial, we’ve spent months seeking beautiful and easy wedding hairstyles.

These are the most gorgeous wedding hairstyles for long-haired brides. There are plenty of wonderful ideas waiting for you, whether you prefer classic hairstyles or wish to mess up your hair! Let’s start it

Hairstyles with a French twist

This is a timeless wedding hairstyle. The ideal complement to any bridal ensemble. You can make it lighter or smoother if you want. You can either adjust the hair on your face or return it to its original position.

A bun with a high rise

The sloppy high bun has a natural beauty. The haircut is lightened by adding a few loose strands around the head. To boost the volume, use the little scroll wheel.

Wedding hairstyles with little loose Waves

It is the best option for achieving the most natural appearance. Among the most popular wedding hairstyles, the gentle wave is appropriate for all brides. It’s preferable to keep the bangs from curling around the face, creating a windy look. To curl the hair, use a curling iron without a clip, wrap the hair around the curling iron, and twist it at the withers to achieve the most natural-looking waves.


Half-way up and down

On the wedding day, this is one of the most popular hairstyles. It’s delicate and beautiful, emphasizing the bride’s innate attractiveness. Braids or bundles can be used to remove all hair near the face. It is preferable to lightly comb the crown area; this will provide volume and exquisitely emphasize the head’s contour. If you wish to add some embellishments, light pearl branches are a good choice.

Ponytail wedding hairstyles 

A soft haircut that accentuates the richness and beauty of the hair. Increase the volume in the bangs and crown of the head to make the haircut look more balanced. To keep the tail’s shape and volume throughout the competition, comb it from the inside. To give some naturalness and tenderness to your style, add a few loose strands.